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Re: kde Desktop on wheezy - nvidiacard - production ready?

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 04:35:28PM -0600, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> I am still using squeeze - I want to jump the gun and upgrade to
> wheezy - Most likely problems would have to do with nvidia.
> Is anyone running wheezy today?  (down to 211 release critical bugs !! )

I'm running wheezy on all my machines except my server, with no problems.
My apt/sources.list ways 'testing' or 'wheezy'; I set it to that the day
sqeeze went stable.  But I'm using icewm and xfce as window managers.

I've tried upgrading my server from squeeze to wheezy several times and 
have had horrendous diffculty.  My system resides on lvm over RAID.  
squeeze's Lilo has trouble booting the wheezy kernel.  It seemms 
that sonething is too big for it.  squeeze's grub manages.  If while 
upgrading you don't establish bootablity of wheeze before the first 
reboot, you/re stuck.  If you get past those hurdles, there are 
others.  Finally, upgrading all the packages is dependency hell.

As I said, I tried twice last October to December.  Each time I had to 
revert to squeeze (of whichh I still had an intact copy on other 

Maybe things are better now,  Maybe the upgrade problems are some of the
relese-critical bugs,  New installation, though, is easy, as long as you 
don't have a lot of configuration infrastructure.

-- hendrik

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