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RE: Wine with X-trap

This can sound of many ways, the fact is that there is no way to run this kind of games under linux till now.
There is a lot of people that no have other choice that install windows ( i wish to use Debian)
and believe me they dont have nothing to do with windows, just like other programs in the world they
make it for windows and they are not going to change that. So if we dont care about things like this nobody
will do this, and we can win a lot of users if this kind of programs can run under linux, remember that is a
MMORPG, means MASIVE Multiplayer that also means a lot of users.
We are talking about thousands of players. Thanks for your time.

> From: deb64@earthshod.co.uk
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> Subject: Re: Wine with X-trap
> Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 08:59:16 +0100
> On Thursday 31 Mar 2011, Adrian cosmos wrote:
> > This is what happen to many users that want to play masive rpg
> > games online like WoW, Jade Dynasty, Prison Tale and a lot more. This kind
> > of games has an anti-cheater program like X-trap that can not run under
> > wine or any other program, there is no way to run this under linux.
> This sounds rather like illegal, anti-competitive behaviour to me; since in
> effect, they are artificially forcing you to use one particular supplier's
> product (Microsoft Windows) over another (WINE on any compatible OS; the
> published Source Code of WINE describes the API fully).
> Your MEP might well be interested to know about this, if you can explain it in
> a way that makes sense to non-computer-literate people.
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