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Re: Wine with X-trap

On Thursday 31 Mar 2011, Adrian cosmos wrote:
> This is what happen to many users that want to play masive rpg
> games online like WoW, Jade Dynasty, Prison Tale and a lot more. This kind
> of games has an anti-cheater program like X-trap that can not run under
> wine or any other program, there is no way to run this under linux.

This sounds rather like illegal, anti-competitive behaviour to me; since in 
effect, they are artificially forcing you to use one particular supplier's 
product  (Microsoft Windows)  over another  (WINE on any compatible OS; the 
published Source Code of WINE describes the API fully).

Your MEP might well be interested to know about this, if you can explain it in 
a way that makes sense to non-computer-literate people.

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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