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Wine with X-trap

Hello i wish to colaborate with this suggestion for the next Debian distribution.
This is what happen to many users that want to play masive rpg games online like WoW, Jade Dynasty, Prison Tale and a lot more. This kind of games has an anti-cheater program like X-trap that can not run under wine or any other program, there is no way to run this under linux. This is one of the reason for a lot of user must intall windows sadly.
Imagine this, im playing 2 of this games that represent a community of like 2000 or 3000 people, so imagine that between friends and family and that expand to the others games. Becouse are like more of 20 of this kind of games with a very big community and each day are more bigger becouse they realize new versions of this games, so it gives like 60.000 people that can use linux.
This is not a tinny thing, this is important, there is a lot of people that want to use linux  but they cant cos of this.
Im sure you can solve this. Thanks in advance.

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