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Re: upgrade from x86 to amd64

Morty <morty+debian-amd64@frakir.org> writes:

> What would it take to automate an upgrade of Debian x86 to amd64?
> I know there is no currently-supported way to do this.  What would it
> take to make one?
> Advantages: shops with a mix of x86 and amd64 systems can have one
> master x86 build image that can be automatically upgraded to amd64 as
> needed.  Shops with existing x86 systems that want to upgrade to amd64
> hardware can copy the existing install to new hardware, upgrade
> in-place, and be done with it.  Shops with hardware at remote sites
> can upgrade in-place.
> Thanks!
> - Morty

There is a script out there that hacks an update together. Google a bit.
But if you can wait then multiarch should simplify this greatly.


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