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Re: upgrade from x86 to amd64

Your best bet is to capture the pertinent files in /etc and /home from

of course, any databases etc. should also be preserved and log files
stored if they need to be held for legal reasons etc.

then copy them in to their new homes in a fresh 64bit install

ive moved my ~dean around from linux-i386 to linux-ppc to linux-x86_64

obviously anything binary doesnt work but its pretty much always 'just


On 3/7/2011, "Morty" <morty+debian-amd64@frakir.org> wrote:

>What would it take to automate an upgrade of Debian x86 to amd64?
>I know there is no currently-supported way to do this.  What would it
>take to make one?
>Advantages: shops with a mix of x86 and amd64 systems can have one
>master x86 build image that can be automatically upgraded to amd64 as
>needed.  Shops with existing x86 systems that want to upgrade to amd64
>hardware can copy the existing install to new hardware, upgrade
>in-place, and be done with it.  Shops with hardware at remote sites
>can upgrade in-place.
>- Morty
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