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Re: upgrade from x86 to amd64

What seems apparent and what is can vary considerably.

One might imagine it a keen idea to have tooling to upgrade filesystems in-place from ext3 to XFS or BTRFS, but in practice, it's completely impractical, and the better idea is to copy files from one to the other, whether via cp, cpio, or tar being minor variations of preference.

I would be enormously more confident in the ability of Debian to cope with a fresh install than in some in-place update.

There's a useful analogy that I'd be loathe to predict the usefulness or recoverability of an interrupted conversion.  True both for filesystem and distribution.

If power fails 2/3 through the process, do you:
1. Hope to roll back?
2.  Hope to roll  forward?
3.  Kiss the whole system goodbye?

And if the answer is 3, the *real* solution is to have a backup that means that "install fresh and copy over your favorite data" was always feasible and the safest solution.

On 2011-03-11 2:51 AM, "Morty Abzug" <morty@frakir.org> wrote:

On Mon, Mar 07, 2011 at 04:34:16PM +0000, brian m. carlson wrote:

> This isn't automatic, but it wa...

What I'm looking for are recommendations on how to automate the x86 to
x64 upgrade.  Sounds like you have some ideas.  Can you share?  :)

Several people sent email saying that the best thing to do is to
upgrade manually.  Thing is, I really do want to automate this.  It
feels like automation should be possible.  I'm willing to try to
figure this out for myself and/or pay someone to figure it out for me.

- Morty

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