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Re: Sound from a java applet running in iceweasel

On 12/07/2010 10:40 AM, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
On Tue, Dec 07, 2010 at 12:43:42AM -0600, Karl Schmidt wrote:
Not sure how to fix this one.  The possible source of the problem is iceweasel, alsa, java, amd64..

I can't find much other than other people saying it didn't work.  Flash
works fine - I understand it talks directly to alsa.

I'm seeing that others are talking about using pulseaudio - I’m hesitant
to start down yet another audio path.  I've got no idea if pulseaudio
replaces alsa or works with alsa.

Here is a java sound test - can anyone get this to work via iceweasel/squeeze on amd64?

Alsa is a sound driver, pulseaudio is not, so it certainly is no
replacement for alsa.

Best I can tell pulseaudio is a replacement for esd and/or artsd.
I can't tell why I would want it or either of the other two on my system.
Recently I couldn't get rhythmbox to play sound.  Killing (and eventually
uninstalling to prevent it restarting) pulseaudio fixed it.
Good riddance.

Interesting - Pulse audio seems to be being pushed as a new "sound server"

There is this from wikipedia http://www.javasonics.com/support/check_play.html

I'm not understanding the whole of the sound picture in the Linux world - I thought ALSA was the sound 'system' which included the server function? If it is only the driver part - providing a software interface to the sound hardware that clears up a bit. If ALSA is not a sound server what is alasmixer doing?

But then what are esd and arts, jack? I wish I could find someplace that clearly defined the roles of these sound packages. It appears there is a lot of over lapping functionality. It is not clear if the sound servere or the application should be responsible for setting levels and routing sound to the correct hardware.

In the mean time, it appears that java/iceweasel does not know how to talk to alsa or arts? Or am I wrong? Debian has embraced ALSA but how/when will a sane API for sound appear.

Were you able to play that test clip? http://www.javasonics.com/support/check_play.html

There are many remote radio tuners  such as this that provide java audio..

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