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Re: Sound from a java applet running in iceweasel

On Tue, Dec 07, 2010 at 12:43:42AM -0600, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> Not sure how to fix this one.  The possible source of the problem is iceweasel, alsa, java, amd64..
> I can't find much other than other people saying it didn't work.  Flash 
> works fine - I understand it talks directly to alsa.
> I'm seeing that others are talking about using pulseaudio - I’m hesitant 
> to start down yet another audio path.  I've got no idea if pulseaudio 
> replaces alsa or works with alsa.
> Here is a java sound test - can anyone get this to work via iceweasel/squeeze on amd64?

Alsa is a sound driver, pulseaudio is not, so it certainly is no
replacement for alsa.

Best I can tell pulseaudio is a replacement for esd and/or artsd.
I can't tell why I would want it or either of the other two on my system.
Recently I couldn't get rhythmbox to play sound.  Killing (and eventually
uninstalling to prevent it restarting) pulseaudio fixed it.
Good riddance.

Len Sorensen

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