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Re: cryptsesetup and luks different on amd64?

On 13.01.2010, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote: 

> great, this is working perfectly! Thank you for the resopnmse!

You're welcome!

> I got my information from the manual of cryptsetup. So either I did read/understand 
> something false, or the manual is telling wrong. In second case, it should be 
> corrected by the maintainer. If you or someone else can confirm this, 
> I will be pleased to file a bugreport.

Please post the lines which in your opinion should be wrong. I for myself
can't find something which is not right. The manual says:

 luksAddKey <device> [<new key file>]

Add a new key file/passphrase. An existing passphrase or
key file (via --key-file) must be supplied. The key file with the new
material is supplied as a positional argument. 
<options> can be [--key-file, --key-slot].

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