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cryptsesetup and luks different on amd64?

Dear maintainers,

is there a difference between cryptsetup in 32-bit adnd 64-bit?

I am using several encrypted partitions, with the same password and with a 
keyfile on an usb-stick, which is automatically recognized at bootup and opens 
my devices. On my amd64 system this is working like a charm.

Now I am using an EEE-PC 1005HGO, with encrypted partitions and with the same 
password as on the amd64-notebook. As I want to use the same usb-stick on my 
EEE-PC, too, I tried to add the key using "cryptsetup luksAddKey /dev/sdaX -d 
/media/usb1/mykeyfile". But it always says, there is the wrong password. 

Manually I can open the device (cryptsetup luksOpen is working), so my 
password is set correct! 

So, what do I do wrong? Must I generate a new keyfile for my EEE-PC? 
Or must I do something else, to add my existing keyfile for my EEE-PC?

Any hints are welcome.  

Best regards


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