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is there a way to revert to a previous, known working set of debian packages?

I'm comfortable using Debian/Unstable. I accept that things can go
wrong, and I'm willing to file bugreports.

However, I do wonder if there is any way to make snapshot of the current
versions of all packages, then update, and then, if necessary, revert
back to the previous snapshot.

I seem to have upgraded to a non-working X last evening, where
xserver-xorg-core depends on something that isn't release yet. I don't
mind doing without X for a few days, but I did wonder if there is an
easier way to say 'just get back to this known-working list of
packages', instead of trying to install the correct versions manually,
which gets rather tiresome when there's a lot of packages.

The internet revealed 'apt-clone', which comes close, but seems to work
only with ZFS and more like a general rollback tool, than just packages.

How do other users do this?

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