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Re: suggestion: webmin should be added again to debian

On Wed, 2010-01-06 at 22:20 +0100, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> Dear maintainers,
> webmin and usermin were taken off the repository for more than 2 years ago. As 
> they are both still under heavy development and IMO they are great tools, I 
> think, they should get a chance, to be return to debian.
> The reason, the ftp-master argued, was "bad spaghetti-code". But I think, this 
> is not fair. As long as an application is not breaking the debian rules, and 
> as long as it is working fine, and as long as a tool is useful (and I think, 
> they are VERY useful, especially for unexprienced and new users) why then 
> pretend it from the repository? Especially unexprienced users will find this 
> tool usefull and make their introduction to debian much more easier. 

If I recall correctly, there were major security issues with some of the
Webmin modules. Webmin is a framework for easy admin for mail, Apache,
database, printer ... so it can touch your whole system if you rely on

Looking at the code to sort it out was a nightmare - it was all too
deeply intermingled and very difficult to disentangle what functionality
went where. Also, the webmin maintainer had a huge job and it proved too
much to keep up with.

Webmin is a wonderful tool,but its ease of use is may also lead to
complacency by the user and the possibility for major security problems.
It was a considered decision to remove it at the time - unless there's
been a fundamental rethink and rewrite of the code, some of the problems
found then are likely to still be there..
> So I think, you should give it a new chance, especially as there are also 64-
> bit-packages available. 
> Feedback is welcome.
> Best regards
> Hans-J. Ullrich

All best,


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