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Re: How to get rid of orphaned data in package database?

"Hans-J. Ullrich" <hans.ullrich@loop.de> writes:

> Am Montag 19 Oktober 2009 schrieb C M Reinehr:
>> You might try the deborphan package (Orphaned package finder)
>> "deborphan finds packages that have no packages depending on them. The
>>  default operation is to search only within the libs and oldlibs sections
>>  to hunt down unused libraries."
>> HTH
>> cmr
> Oh, its not the packages, I want to get rid off, but the entries in dpkg 
> database. They appear, although they are no more available.
> Greets
> Hans

Reinstall the packages in question. If dpkg thinks you have files in
/emul but they are not there then something is broken.


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