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Re: libc6 and X11 seem not to work together

On Wednesday 30 Sep 2009, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
> Dear maintainers,
> since the last upgrade (debian-amd64/sid) it is not more possible to start
> X. It seems, libc6 is incompatible to the xserver-packages in debiansid
> ..... [stuff deleted] .....
> Another info: It might not appear on every computer. Mine is working fine
> (amd64 + Nvidia-driver), but the one from a friend (amd64 + ati-driver)
> causes the message above.
> Should I file a bugreport?

Only file a bug report if it fails with an "untainted" kernel, i.e. one with 
only Open Source drivers in it.

You could file a bug report against the caged ATI driver, for all the good 
it's going to do you .....


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