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Re: Re: ia32-apt-get and dependencies errors

> So I guess the question is how to we organise to get it back into the
> repro's - the debian way ?

I think, if people wish for it, then ftp-master should be asked to put it back 
again. However, I underrstand, it might cause trouble (as other packages might 
cause, too!), but this is the kind of "experimental"! or "unstable", just as 
its name is expressing.

I understand well, there are efforts to chose other ways, so ia32-apt-get 
should not block the other ways. Well, which one will win at last will show 
the future. IMO ia32-apt-get is a good way at the moment, and I think, even 
Goswin would not mourne if some day a better way will be found and ia32-apt-
get will disappear. The future will show us.

As far as i understood the policies of debian, there are rules to get a 
package into the official repository. If ia32-apt-get does not break those 
rules, I see no reason, why to put this software into the repository. All 
software is free, and every software should be handled even. True 

Well, I suggest, to handle ia32-apt-get just as other software in debian.

Another for way testing might be, to use an own repository, besides the debian 
official ones. IMO this is the worse way, because it might be worse to maintain 
(dependencies and so on).

These are my thoughts about it, feel free to comment it.



P.S. As you may have remarked: I hate everything, which is deminuishing 
freedom! Sorry for that!


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