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Re: Xerox PHASER 3100MFP

On Wednesday 06 May 2009, Ralf Saalmüller wrote:
> Am 06.05.2009 um 05:34 schrieb Cavan Mejias:
> > Its odd that this says it supports Linux, but following the
> > specifications link on the LHS brings you to a page with no mention
> > of Linux support.
> >
> >  Cav
[..... stuff deleted .....]
> It is _very_ important to look about linux connectivity _before_ you
> buy the product. And _ask_ very detailed questions on Linux support
> especially when they state they have Linux support. Don't count on
> closed source binary driver. That's as good as nothing on your next
> dist upgrade. Look for Postscript, that's something that works with
> Linux. Or brief: Don't buy GDI.

Absolutely.  I will second that.  The only two features you ever need look for 
in a printer  (besides *not* being an inkjet)  are PostScript in hardware and 
network connectivity.  PCL6 in hardware is just about OK, but PostScript is 

I can heartily recommend the HP Colour LaserJets -- I've got a CLJ1515, and 
I'm loving it.  Photos tend to come out a little bit dark, which I guess is 
just the way the printing process works, but that's what GIMP is for.  Just 
watch what paper you use; the cheap glossy photo papers tend to shed their 
coating under the heat of the fuser.

delta echo bravo six four at earthshod dot co dot uk

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