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Re: Xerox PHASER 3100MFP

Am 06.05.2009 um 05:34 schrieb Cavan Mejias:

Its odd that this says it supports Linux, but following the specifications link on the LHS brings you to a page with no mention of Linux support.


If they state that, the drivers should be within the kernel or on cd? Isn't it? Ask them. And if your able to find "Linux" in the specs, you're able to find the GDI Linux driver in xerox driver and support section. I have. They say they offer drivers for debian 4, Fedore Core 7 & 8, Red Hat 9, OpenSuSE 10,2, Ubuntu 7.10. And they even support the scanner with Linux!

Don't know if that works:

After some bad experiences with HP and Canon, I'm back with HP but not the cheap once. Their linux driver is very good and it's the reason I bought 2 printers from HP. Their Linux support sold them, not the quality on hardware.

And up to my experience I would rate the HP Linux printer driver is the best driver from HP, more powerful and usable than the Windows and Mac OS X drivers for their products. And more up to date over time. Have I said that I only use printers in my network? Should have said that. I don't hook printers with USB.

It is _very_ important to look about linux connectivity _before_ you buy the product. And _ask_ very detailed questions on Linux support especially when they state they have Linux support. Don't count on closed source binary driver. That's as good as nothing on your next dist upgrade. Look for Postscript, that's something that works with Linux. Or brief: Don't buy GDI.

Just my 2 cents.

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