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Re: nvidia driver "debian way" and 3D

On Sunday 3 May 2009 09:29:53 Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Hi:
> with amd64 lenny, i have installed the nvidia driver (OpenGL 2.1.2
> NVIDIA 173.14.04) for a GeForce 6600?PCI?SSE2 card along "the Debian
> way", according to the Lennart Sorensen recipe), with additional GLSL
> support for some scientific graphics.
> When my wife attempts to explore the museum Louvre
> (http://musee.louvre.fr/expo-imaginaire/escalierdesambassadeurs/en/index2.h
>tml) in 3D rendering, the system warns that 3D is not supported, needing an
> additional plugin. Today, no specification about the kind of plugin was
> revealed, while a couple of days ago - on the same attempts - the system
> specified "nVidia plugin".
> Today I tried to see the plugin by downloading it, though iceweasel
> answered that there is no suitable plugin available. I was acting as
> user.
> Aside the obvious implications from what i said above, my question is
> whether with the installation of the nVidia driver "the Debian way" it
> safe to download plugins related to graphics and if such plugins are
> installable by users (my wife has access to the computer with her
> username and i should avoid to harm the driver installation).
> thanks
> francesco pietra

Hi, I have got an Ati card, I have installed the Ati driver and 3d works fine 
under Lenny/AMS64 and KDE 4.2.2, but I have the same problem with the site as 



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