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nvidia driver "debian way" and 3D

with amd64 lenny, i have installed the nvidia driver (OpenGL 2.1.2
NVIDIA 173.14.04) for a GeForce 6600?PCI?SSE2 card along "the Debian
way", according to the Lennart Sorensen recipe), with additional GLSL
support for some scientific graphics.

When my wife attempts to explore the museum Louvre
in 3D rendering, the system warns that 3D is not supported, needing an
additional plugin. Today, no specification about the kind of plugin
was revealed, while a couple of days ago - on the same attempts - the
system specified "nVidia plugin".

Today I tried to see the plugin by downloading it, though iceweasel
answered that there is no suitable plugin available. I was acting as

Aside the obvious implications from what i said above, my question is
whether with the installation of the nVidia driver "the Debian way" it
safe to download plugins related to graphics and if such plugins are
installable by users (my wife has access to the computer with her
username and i should avoid to harm the driver installation).

francesco pietra

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