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"big" machines running Debian?

Hi, at some Datacenter here on my country they only want the
machines to be installed with RHEL or Suse, every time I dig more
into those distros I fall in love more with Debian.  This is why I'm
asking about machines that have many cores and lots of RAM and
plenty of disk.

Here (at my country) big means more than 4x4 cores , more than 
16Gb of RAM, and more than 1Tb on disk, excluding clusters, also SAN
are good to know about.

Is there a place where one can post the machines to make some feel
of trusting for others?  I'm using Debian from about 2000 and had
the opportunity of use sparc, powerpc, x86 and AMD64 ports, and ever
had to go back with another distro, I'm really happy with Debian, so
I want to use it as many places as possible.

Thanks in advacne for any information.

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