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Re: "big" machines running Debian?

From: Igor T?mara <igor@tamarapatino.org>
Date: Sat, Feb 21, 2009 at 08:00:32AM -0500
> Hi, at some Datacenter here on my country they only want the
> machines to be installed with RHEL or Suse, every time I dig more
> into those distros I fall in love more with Debian.  This is why I'm
> asking about machines that have many cores and lots of RAM and
> plenty of disk.
> Here (at my country) big means more than 4x4 cores , more than 
> 16Gb of RAM, and more than 1Tb on disk, excluding clusters, also SAN
> are good to know about.
My hosting provider, dreamhost, runs Debian. Individual machines may not
meet your specs, but they do have a lot of them.

> What does ELF stand for (in respect to Linux?)
ELF is the first rock group that Ronnie James Dio performed with back in 
the early 1970's.  In constrast, a.out is a misspelling	 of the French word 
for the month of August.  What the two have in common is beyond me, but 
Linux users seem to use the two words together.
	seen on c.o.l.misc

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