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Re: amd64 kernel + 32-bit userland: compiling a new amd64 kernel

On Thursday 03 Jul 2008, Dieter Rohlfing wrote:
> So there's a need for a second system. Then I prefer one system, which is
> pure 64-bit.

If you're going for a pure 64-bit system, then you'll most probably also have 
to go to for a pure Free Software system, since a lot of proprietary, Caged 
software is 32-bit only.

This really is not as big a disadvantage as it sounds like; especially as 
there will soon be a full GPL Java interpreter and Gnash is coming on in 
leaps and bounds.  I personally have never had a problem using just the 
Free "nv" driver with nvidia cards, though there are 64-bit versions of the 
Caged driver if you feel the need to pollute your system.


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