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Re: How would I get debian unstable?

On 6/5/08, annne annnie <goturtwig@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi, I'm the one who asked about getting unstable and the different distributions compared to debian.  I have a few more questions, sorry.  First question:  How would I reply correctly so that my reply is still in the same topic?
> Someone mentioned something about apt-get upgrade causing locked packages that won't get upgraded or something...  thats the kind of stuff I want to learn.

You need to setup your /etc/apt/sources.list for stable, testing and
unstable repos and use aptitude to change differente versions of
programs and know debian way to handle dependencies...
you could use backports and unofficial and marillat repos to have more
idea about all the info mentioned here...

>   How would I learn about how debian works and how to configure it all?

debian have all the configuration in /etc

> All I have been doing so far is just googling the problems I have run into, but I'm not really learning anything.

You are learning that the many problems in debian are already solved...
You need time to have your own problems to solve yourself...

> Also, when you guys say SUSe do you mean openSuSE?  Because I would like to try it out, but the only one I could find out how to download was openSuSE.
> Last question(s), is there a unix one I could get for free?

UNIX is a trademark and is owned by a few one of then is ¿Berkley
University? they have various children projects to bring a UNIX-like
experience for free (all the BSD FreeBSD OpenDSB and others)

Are they similar to linux?

mostly you should feel comfotable with any of them

What are the differences?

Some aplication have historic differences like "ps" or "ls" but they
are pretty similar..

Linux have by far many more users and much more support, many programs

A couple of historic data (hope I remmember well):

-First version of linux has distributed allmost in source not
precompiled packages...
-apt-get could compile the program before install it in your system...

Final note:
Debian package system have many programs to admin the installed ones
adept, kpackage, aptitude, dselect and others...
Some of then are based on apt-get (that have many options you should
learn an feel confortable to use whe your need it.) and (all should?)
use dpkg to install the packages and if you hare really curiosity
should know the use of all the dpkg-* programs...

Any way you have so many posibilities with debian FEEL THE FREEDOM...
do you has selected you x windows manager?
is your file system lvm/ext2/ext3/XFS or...?
gaim/pidgin/amsn/kopete/gnome messenger?

> Sythos <sythos@sythos.net> wrote:
> Scrive A J Stiles :
> > Yes, just edit
> > /etc/apt/sources.list
> > and change every occurrence of "stable", "etch", "testing" or "lenny"
> > to "sid". Then
> > # apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
> > and you should be good to go.
> Brrrrr!
> better "apt-get dist-upgrade" to handle in a better way packages replacing
> and new dependencies. More better is "aptitude"...
> only "apt-get upgrade" may cause a lot of locked packages not upgrade
> automagically and the system became too much hybrid...
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