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Re: How would I get debian unstable?

On Thu, 2008-06-05 at 14:51 +0100, annne annnie wrote:
> Hi, I'm the one who asked about getting unstable and the different
> distributions compared to debian.  I have a few more questions, sorry.
> First question:  How would I reply correctly so that my reply is still
> in the same topic?  
> Someone mentioned something about apt-get upgrade causing locked
> packages that won't get upgraded or something...  thats the kind of
> stuff I want to learn.  How would I learn about how debian works and
> how to configure it all?  All I have been doing so far is just
> googling the problems I have run into, but I'm not really learning
> anything.  
> Also, when you guys say SUSe do you mean openSuSE?  Because I would
> like to try it out, but the only one I could find out how to download
> was openSuSE.
> Last question(s), is there a unix one I could get for free?  Are they
> similar to linux?  What are the differences?

for Unix, try this:


Unix is like a twilight zone version of Linux, somethings work the way
you think it would, some things don't. (Unix users think the same thing
only in reverse).  Device names are very different, you will not have
eth0, you will have (network card abreviation for the chipset)0.  It
will be vary confusing if you don't know your chipset and have more then
one NIC.  File system and HD formatting are vary different.  File layout
is very different.  Commands are very similar.
Damon L. Chesser

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