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Re: 64-bit and chroot

Am Sonntag, 9. März 2008 schrieb Javier Serrano Polo:
> El dg 09 de 03 del 2008 a les 16:58 +0100, en/na Hans-J. Ullrich va
> escriure:
> >         libopenal.so.0 => not found

Yes, but libopenal.so.0 exists !
> Curious.
> All the other libraries are available in the ia32 repository. You may
> want to use it. Your library list looks safe for the chroot method
> except for libGL. Run the 32-bit glxinfo to find out how is DRI.

This is no problem, too. LibGL is beeing used of the 64-bit environment, and, 
there is a 32-bit-driver, too. (nvidia)

> > You see, there are used some other libs. But in both cases, the
> > application is running !  Do you now see, what I meant with "using
> > different names for libs" ?
> I see. In this case both libraries will work. Don't worry about that.
> Bye.

Thanks for help anyway !

Best regards


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