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64-bit and chroot

Dear maintainers,

I do not know, if this is still realized, but I would like to introduce an 
idea to you.

I am running a 64-bit-system, and a chroot.  Most of the time, this is not 
needed. But there are a few applications, which need a few libs out of the 
32-bit-chroot. My solution was, to add the path to 




so, that the 32-bit-application will find the 32-bit-libs. Using this way, it 
is easy to update the chroot using apt.

This way, my environment seem to work very well.

Now my question: To make sure, an application will use the correct library, it 
must be sure, that the correct library will be used, even the 64-bit-library 
and the 32-bit-library have got the same name. 
The only way, to ensure this, is to tell the sourcecode somehow, that it has 
to use the 32-bit library or the 64-bit-library.

IMO this would work fine, if 32-bit-lib and the 64-bit-lib will get different 
names, and the source code has to be changed, to point to the correct lib.

This will ensure, that always the correct library will be used, equal, if a 
32-bit application or a 64-bit application is running on an 64-bit-system.

I do not know, if this is already implemented, if so, forget about my mail. If 
not, maybe it is worth to think about it, as there are still a lot of 
(non-gpl) applications, which are still only available as 32-bit-versions.

Thank you for your attention and patience !

Best regards


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