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Re: 64-bit and chroot

El ds 08 de 03 del 2008 a les 16:34 +0100, en/na Hans-J. Ullrich va
> The application is called "X-Plane", it is is a famous flight simulator, but 
> closed source. Of course it is not in Debian, as the license does not allow 
> it.

I'd rather not run the installer. Could you please send the ldd output
for X-Plane?

> Anyway, if I am understanding your words correctly, then the 32-bit 
> applications will always know, which lib it has to use, if it is available 
> and can be found on the system ?

Applications will, some libraries won't: dri, gtk2, pango, libao...

> So my way using a chroot is correct and will not cause trouble.

Only if you're running inside the chroot. Otherwise, you may have


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