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Re: Total vs per-cpu memory

Hi again

> On Fri, Feb 01, 2008 at 04:10:25PM +0100, Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:
>> Since you are discussing this. I spent yesterday on trying to debug
>> ngspice on amd64 with gdb and valgrind. It segfaults on amd64 but not on
>> i386. Can you point out some good documents on where to put those checks
>> you mention?
> The main thing to watch out for it people using int's as pointers.
> pointers should always be void * or longs.
If you are interested there is a Debian package on my server:
deb amd64/
deb-src source/
You just need to start the program and it will segfault :)
The debugging symbols are stripped even if it is run with the nostrip
option but they exist in src/ngspice.


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