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Re: Keyboard remapping.

Nuno Magalhães wrote:
> Greetings.
> I'm running Debian unstable on AMD64. My keyboard map is portuguese, it has
> deadkeys. In particular, the ^ key. If i press ^ and e, i'll get ê.I'd
> like to do the same with 6 other letters and there are 3 ways.
> - The correct one, where ^+letter would result in that same letter with ^
> - the lazy one, where AltGr+letter would be used (i was previously
> using this in another machine)
> - the practical one: typing e+x would produce ê, typing shift+e+x
> ("E"+x) would produce Ê.

Why not just set up a Compose Key? I have my compose key set to the
right Windows key on my keyboard, so to type ê, for example, I could type:

R Win Key, e, ^

It's an extra keystroke but it works for a very wide range of characters:

RWin, a, e = æ
RWin, O, E = œ


Alex Malinovich
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