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Re: Python warnings


on 11/26/07 19:55, Hans-J. Ullrich wrote:
Hi all, I get still warnings when upgrading the systems:

Warning: still using python2.3

although I got version 2.5 installed. I suppose, there is somewhere a dangling link or something else, which block the use of a newer version. Everything is running fine. How do I get rid of this warning (and use of the latest python version ) ?

If you have python2.3 and 2.5, I think your /usr/bin/python might be linked to python2.3.
Did you check it?

also, does your script(s) start following that line?
#!/usr/bin/env python

It's quite common sentence.
so, if /usr/bin/python link to python2.3, you should change symbolic link
with ln or something else.
#can be /usr/sbin/update-alternatives?

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