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Is glibc getaddrinfo() working on your etch-amd64 system?


I'm in the process of trying to debug why getaddrinfo() is
failing to perform reverse DNS lookups on my etch-amd64
system.  (glibc version 2.3.6.ds1-13etch2)

I've posted a tiny C program here that reproduces the
problem: http://cila-search.net/~billk/debug/getaddrinfo/
( getaddrinfo-test.c )

I'm hoping some folks on this list might be willing to
compile and run the program on your systems, and see if
yours is broken the same way.

If it works properly you should see "www.example.com".
If it's broken you should see "".

For example:

 $ gcc getaddrinfo-test.c
 $ ./a.out
 sock_addrinfo: error=0 res->ai_canonname=''

You can cross-check with the host command on the command line:

 $ host domain name pointer www.example.com.

If the host command says "www.example.com" but the C program
says "" then your system would appear to be
broken like mine.

Thanks for your consideration,



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