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Re: raw1394 issue


so....solution is NOT upgrade.....dan kennedy (from kino/dvgrab) told us no way
to have new firewire stack working with these tools in a short time.....

maybe consider to wait to implement the new firewire stack or, at least give an
alternative (as, for example 2.6.22-rt ubuntu)?

Gonna think to about it......


> On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 01:29:37PM +0000, Valentina Messeri wrote:
> > as reported from HS (and a few more) not including raw1394 in pre-compiled
> > kernel causes bad problems to firewire users.....the only answer from
> > debian-kernel seems to be "compile your own kernel" which is quite funny,
> for a
> > normal user.
> >
> > Any idea about debian policy and/or alternative solutions?
> >
> > raw1394 and 2.6.22 in testing
> It isn't included because it doesn't work with the new firewire stack in
> 2.6.22 and going to the new one makes a lot of sense security wise as
> far as I understand it.  It is now up to the user space tools to learn
> to work with the new firewire stack, which is unfortunately taking much
> longer that I would have imagined.
> --
> Len Sorensen


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