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Re: Where is john ?

Hans-J. Ullrich:
> I am running debian/testing on my server. But where is it now ?
> I wondered, because it was in testing some time, but now it is gone, although 
> it is already (or still ?) in sid. What happened ?

querybts john. You can see five serious policy violations that prevent
john from entering testing. One of them (408152) is related to AMD64.
FTBFS means "failure to build from source". In other words: john doesn't
compile on AMD64.

> Just another question: Are packages on German mirrors affected by the German 
> laws relating to hacker paragraphs ? (STGB §202)

As far as I know, this issue has been ignored (insofar as no actions
have been taken) by the Debian project and the mirror operators. Und das
ist gut so[tm].

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