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enxcryption of the whole system

Hi all, 
I do not know, if I dare to ask some question here, as it is not real amd64 
related. Well, I try it...

I want to encrypt my whole system = all partitions. I only found Debian 
related howto, which only tell me it, to do this during the installation 
(using LVM and so on), As I have installed my whole system already and do not 
format and reinstall my partitions, I would like to encrypt it now.

Just my questions: 
1. Is this possible at all ? (I would prefer dm_crypt) 
2. Must I use LVM ? 
3. In case, I have to reformat my partitions, can I backup my datas to another 
host (i.e. with rsync), and play it onto the enrypted filesystem back to the 
encrypted partitions ?

Thank you very, very much for any help !

Best regards


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