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Re: Where is john ?

Am Mittwoch, 14. November 2007 schrieb Jochen Schulz:
> Hans-J. Ullrich:
> > I am running debian/testing on my server. But where is it now ?
> > I wondered, because it was in testing some time, but now it is gone,
> > although it is already (or still ?) in sid. What happened ?
> querybts john. You can see five serious policy violations that prevent
> john from entering testing. One of them (408152) is related to AMD64.
> FTBFS means "failure to build from source". In other words: john doesn't
> compile on AMD64.

O.k., I understand. My system is i386, but policy related things are of course 
architecture independ.
> > Just another question: Are packages on German mirrors affected by the
> > German laws relating to hacker paragraphs ? (STGB §202)
> As far as I know, this issue has been ignored (insofar as no actions
> have been taken) by the Debian project and the mirror operators. Und das
> ist gut so[tm].

Yes, oh yes ! Das ist sehr gut so ! :) [This is very good !] 
> J.


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