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Re: forcedeth generates Invalid MAC address message

On 11/12/07, Keith Schweikhard <kschweikhard@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> On Sunday 11 November 2007, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> > On Sun, Nov 11, 2007 at 04:29:54PM -0800, Keith Schweikhard wrote:
> > > No luck on the MAC addresses being printed on the bottom.  I've tried to
> > > locate the chip on the IEEE website without luck.  It looks like the MAC
> > > address that is getting posted on both machines is in a reverse byte
> > > order. When I call up the MAC address on the Windows side of the computer
> > > the byte order is reversed.  As a result, the first three bytes of my MAC
> > > address are 00-1B-38.  According to IEEE these MAC addresses are assigned
> > > Judging from what I am reading, Nvidia chips had issues with reporting
> > > their MAC addresses.  As a result, forcedeth swaps the bytes.  The board
> > > in the computer claims to be Nvidia, but the chip is registered to
> > > Compal.  In looking up the chipset in hardware for linux
> > > http://hardware4linux.info/component/15830/
> > > I get pointed to a different driver for the NIC. (r8169)  But the kernel
> > > does not seem realize this during the boot process.  As a result, it
> > > calls forcedeth and forcedeth swaps the byte order.  I am baffled on how
> > > to override this selection.  I've already tried blacklisting forcedeth in
> > > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist and adding r8169 into /etc/modules but it seems
> > > to load the forcedeth module regardless of the fact that it is
> > > blacklisted. I have also tried moving forcedeth.ko from the
> > > kernel/drivers/net/ directory but without luck.  forcedeth gets loaded as
> > > a module anyway.  This problem happens as soon as forcedeth tries to
> > > initialize the NIC.  I'm not certain what to try next.  Any suggestions?
> >
> > Either the forcedeth module is built into the kernel or is being loaded
> > by udev.  If its loaded by udev, if you turn off networking, you should
> > be able to rmmod the forcedeth module, then insmod the r8169 and see if
> > it works.

yeap I couln't answer before because I don't remember "udev"...

to fix the random choice of ethX there is a file in /etc/udev*/*net*
in that file the MAC is stored and could make some noise, try to erase
the lines to test...

> >
> > That would be the first step.  Then, I guess you'd need to reconfigure
> > the initrd to load the r8169 module instead of the forcedeth (i.e.
> > remove the forcedeth module from the initrd altogether).
> >
> > Doug.
> Thanks for the information.  I finally got forcedeth to quit coming up by
> removing it from initrd.  Unfortunately, the r8169 module will not
> communicate with the nic.  I'm going to need to keep working at that one.
> The good news is that the wireless card now works so I can at least configure
> the system to run using a consistent IP.  I'm going to have to keep hacking
> at the NIC to see if there is a driver out there that fixes the problem as
> time permits.
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