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Re: Intel Core2Duo (T7400)

On Thu, Nov 08, 2007 at 10:01:20AM +0000, Jo Shields wrote:
> Blackford/Greencreek (Xeon): 21.3GBs mem b/w per motherboard
> G35, DDR2 Mode (Core 2)    : 12.8GBs mem b/w per motherboard
> G35, DDR3 Mode (Core 2)    : 17.0GBs mem b/w per motherboard
> Socket F Opteron           : 10.6GBs mem b/w per physical CPU
> Socket AM2 Athlon64        : 10.6GBs mem b/w per physical CPU
> Memory performance increases with CPUs in AMD platforms, decreases in
> Intel platforms.
> That's the incredibly naive version, anyway.

Interesting how this gives a rather different view of memory bandwidth
than that:

Seems the AM2 easily beats the core2 on either P35 or X38 chipset.
Seems the AMD managed just under 9.2GB/sec using a 6400+, while the
intel managed just under 6.4GB/sec using an overclocked QX9650 at 4GHz.
Sure means the AMD gets much closer to the theoretical number, while the
intel manages barely half of the theoretical number.

Now if those are bandwidth between cpu and mainboard, then it makes more
sense since the FSB on the intel does have more bandwidth then hyper
transport.  Putting it to actual use on the other hand is a different

Len Sorensen

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