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Re: Intel Core2Duo (T7400)

On Tuesday, 6. November 2007 08:26, Wolfgang Mader wrote:
> Hello list,
> I want to by a MacBook which ist powered by an Inter Core2Duo (T7400). I was 
> not able to figure out which debian port is the right. Is ist IA64 (the Intel 
> 64-bit port) or amd64.
The correct debian port for INTEL Core2Duo is amd64 or i386.
If your system has not more than 2 GB of memory installed I would recommend to 
still use the 32bit Linux (i386), If you have more memory installed use the 64-bit Linux (amd64) 

For you Information:
   IA32 is the traditional 32 bit INTEL and AMD  CPU architecture for PC's,
        the corresponding debian port is i386.
   AMD64, INTEL64 or EM64t are the architcture names for the 64-bit architectures
        which are an enhancemant of the IA32 architecture. 
        the corresponding debian port is amd64.
   IA64 is the architecture name for INTEL ITANIUM CPU's. They are used in large
        server architectures but not in PC's or Mac's, 
        the corresponding debian port is ia64 .

> Can you please help me out?
> Thank you in advance. W. Mader

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