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Re: keyboad leds not responding, kernel 2.6.22-2

On 16/10/2007 Dimitris Lampridis wrote:
> > I have this problem since I moved from an old Compaq PS/2 keyboard to
> > the new Logitech USB keyboard. Another drawback is that the keyboard
> > doesn't work in the BIOS any longer.
> Check for something like "USB legacy mode" in your BIOS and enable it if
> it is there. It worked for me. 

Hey Dimitris,

I was able to choose between "all usb devices", "no mice" and "none" at
USB legacy mode in BIOS. But unfortunately neither "all usb devices" nor
"no mice" work for me. My USB-keyboard still doesn't work in BIOS and
bootloader. At least the second one is quite annoying, as I'm not able
to choose the kernel to boot any longer.

> I hope you have a non-USB keyboard lying around to do this, otherwise
> you'll have a tough time :)

No problem about that, but i don't want to keep the PS/2 keyboard

For the record, I do have a MSI K8T-Neo Motherboard (VIA K8T800 Chipset)


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