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Re: Intel vs AMD support of linux developers.

On Friday 05 October 2007, Karl Schmidt wrote:
> I've been using AMD processors on my last few systems, but I talked to a friend of mine that 
> does hardware work. His take is that Intel is more open about the hardware specifications 
> than most anyone in the business including AMD and thus supports Linux developers better.
> If this is true, I might go back to using Intel on Tyan MBs

 Actually both have a good track in supporting Linux. If you want some examples look
at the news not too long ago: after AMD took over ATI graphic cards AMD promised and 
delivered the specs of the ATI graphical chips (ATI did not really help Open Source at all 
before they were part of AMD). Before that AMD told that they estimated that Opteron 
would never have sold as much as it did by a very large margin without Linux, which 
was why they could so easily see the benefit of supporting it.

And, as you said, Intel has been working with Linux developpers since like forever too.

So, If you want to support open source there is no need to drop one for the other. 
Both Intel and AMD are quite supportive of Linux. 

That said, there are many other excellent reasons to dislike Intel and/or AMD. 



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