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Re: Re: Re: How to wifi with ipw3945 on Dell Vostro ???

Hi Rovbert,

On Fri, 2007-10-12 at 09:12 +0200, robert caterina wrote:
> hy Joost,
>        Could you be more explicit about the devices you possess? What
> kind of devices have you instaled from the inlet of telephone line? An
> ethernet box combined with a router-wifi or what else? What packages
> related to networking have you installed on your laptop etc... We need
> to know these things for understanding right the problem and may be to
> help you to solve it, if we can. 

I have a Zyxel wireless AP (ZyAIR B-1000 v.2) in master mode using a WEP
key which DHCP's for the wireless network. It connects through a switch
to my ADSL modem. It runs fine and all Windows computers that I have
(both my girl friend's and my own Dell if running on Windows Vista) get
IP addresses and can reacht the internet (just as the rest of my
(non-wireless) network).

My Dell Vostro 1700 (again which gets to the internet using the wireless
described before if running Windows Vista) runs Debian Lenny
2.6.22-2-amd64 SMP (newest version of all available software). It has a
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG wireless network card. I have installed the
wireless-tools 29~pre22-1, ipw3945-modules-2.6.22-2-amd64, ipw3945d,
wifi-radar 1.9.7-3, libsmbios* 1.13.10-1 and network-manager-(gnome)

The card is recognized and I can see all wifi networks in my building if
I use wifi-radar, so that does not seem to be the problem.

But whatever I do I do not seem to be able to get an IP address from the
AP. Not if I use the NetworkManager, or if I use the wifi-radar
application I once (1 time) had the network working (very slowly but
working) but I cannot reproduce that anymore.

If I use tcpdump or wireshark I see the DHCP request leave the machine.
I have even seen Wdinows NetBIOS broad cast appear from my wired network
on the wifi network card....

After a while the NetworkManager asks me for a _WEP_ key: I fill in the
right one (yes, I really do) but that does not help.

All I want is that my wireless works, with OR without the NetworkManager
(preferably because I want to use both my wired and my wirelass card at
the same time, but I settle for just the wifi card for now) . 



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