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I know this is strictly off topic, but since I run my kernels on 2.6.23 I will ask this question anyway, in the hope to be addressed to where I can
find the answer: since the ck patchset has been (unfortunately)
discontinued, is anyone going to maintain at least the single patch which
creates the SCHED_IDLEPRIO scheduling queue? It is supported by schedtool,
as shipped in debian unstable, and is hugely useful for anyone who wishes to
run heavy jobs in the background on workstations without affecting the local
users of those workstations. Since, as far as I understand, sched.c has been gutted inside out to
implement CFS, I suppose it's not nearly safe to try to apply the same patch
with cosmetic changes...

thanks in advance for any info

Giacomo Mulas


Giacomo Mulas <gmulas@ca.astro.it>

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