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Re: Re: Re: Re: How to wifi with ipw3945 on Dell Vostro ???

good evening Joost,
        Looking at what packages you've installed, i don't see
firmware-ipw3945 which is also available in the debian repository. Hence
i don't know if it is essential to have it installed on the system
(apparently there is no dependency about it??). Well here i have things
to say: in my opinion it may be a problem related to network-manager
package. When i installed debian etch from dvds, network-manager package
were installed by default by the installer but i never have been able to
get a stable connection to the network. No nameserver were caught during
the transaction in a reliable manner. In substance, I read on a forum
(foresightlinux) that network-manager was not stable and reliable enough
to use it in every day work and it was proposed an alternative with
dhcp-client. I have give it a try at home and effectively i could
connect to internet without problem. (Personaly i prefer to work with
statics adresses rather than dynamic IP). At this moment, i have a
desktop with debian etch and two laptops with windows vista and xp
connecting to the internet through wireless, all without problems at
all, via an ethernet box coupled at a router+wifi (Topcom model). If you
are ready to make an experiment, you could remove the network-manager
package and replace it with the dhcp-client and redo all the
configuration to see what happens. As your system does not work, it
shall cost you nothing to give it a try. You can always go back doing
the reverses operations.

robert caterina <robert.caterina@scarlet.be>

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