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Re: Mobo Intel DG965WH with Lenny or etch?

Hi,  thanks for the suggestions I booted from a USB stick with
2.6.21 and it worked, but it's really, really slow, the install took
more than a hour for just putting the kernel, it has taken hours on
a dual core 2 duo of 2ghz,  Could it be due to the framebuffer?

I will continue with the install, what should I look at to see if
the performance can be improved.

Thanks :)

Rob> On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 05:01:06PM +0000, Jack Malmostoso wrote:
Rob> > > Have anyone succesfully used this hardware? Any hints on booting the
Rob> > > installation or maybe testing the hardware to see if something is
Rob> > > broken?  Maybe software to test if everything is right?
Rob> > 
Rob> > You should probably go with one of the latest daily builds of the 
Rob> > installer with kernel 2.6.22. Alternatively, check that in the BIOS the 
Rob> > SATA channels are set in "compatibility mode" as opposed to "AHCI" mode. 
Rob> > In "compatibility mode" you should be able to install Etch without 
Rob> > problems. On first boot, add the backports repository and then install a 
Rob> > newer kernel (2.6.22 will do). Go back to the BIOS and put the hard 
Rob> > drives back in "AHCI" and you should not have any problems.
Rob> > Still applies if you have an infamous jmicron controller.
Rob> The compat mode won't work to solve this issue.  The DVD is connected to
Rob> a Marvell controller unsupported by 2.6.18.  To top things off, 2.6.18
Rob> won't talk to the on-board ethernet.
Rob> Follow the first suggestion - use a newer installer.  I ended up doing a
Rob> network boot installation, which let me replace the kernel more
Rob> trivially than building my own installer image (nothing newer than
Rob> 2.6.18 was available at the time).
Rob> I had to use the i810-modesetting driver to get video to work, but I
Rob> think that may have just been obsoleted in unstable.
Rob> -- 
Rob> Rob

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