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Re: Mobo Intel DG965WH with Lenny or etch?

On Sun, 07 Oct 2007 17:10:09 +0200, Igor TAmara wrote:

> Have anyone succesfully used this hardware? Any hints on booting the
> installation or maybe testing the hardware to see if something is
> broken?  Maybe software to test if everything is right?

You should probably go with one of the latest daily builds of the 
installer with kernel 2.6.22. Alternatively, check that in the BIOS the 
SATA channels are set in "compatibility mode" as opposed to "AHCI" mode. 
In "compatibility mode" you should be able to install Etch without 
problems. On first boot, add the backports repository and then install a 
newer kernel (2.6.22 will do). Go back to the BIOS and put the hard 
drives back in "AHCI" and you should not have any problems.

Still applies if you have an infamous jmicron controller.

Best Regards, Jack
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