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X locking up


Not sure if this a pure amd64 problem but.

I have been using eclipse for a while and recently ran through some upgrade 
(tracking lenny) - new nvidia driver ...

When I go to switch workplaces X freezes up, I can change to vt1 and do a 
ctrl+shift + backspace to kill of X, but nothing else.  when I ran a strace on 
xfwm4 it seemed to have problems on fd 3

has any one else been having these problems ?

Also I was using pgadmin3 recently and had it crash each time I clicked on 
create a new server button, fixed this by upgrading libc6 - this has helped the 
previous problem by allowing me to change to vt1-7 or killing X, before I had 
to go to my other machine and ssh back to this one to kill gdm!


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