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Re: forcedeth wierdness

thanks for that, it was hiding up in eth5 for some reason
*shrug* and dmesg didnt bother to tell me

i will have to set it to a more reasonable eth number


Jonas Bardino wrote:
Dean Hamstead wrote:
any thoughts why a forcedeth (nvidia) onboard nic would be
detected, but not presented as a usable card?

i also have an onboard sky2 card which seems to work fine.

i have tried disabling things in the bios but to no avail.

im using a winbond motherboard.

i can give more detailed outputs if needed.

forcedeth has worked fine for me on other mboards *shrug*


Hi Dean

I'm not sure this is the same problem, but I remember having problems
with asus nforce boards and forcedeth until I disabled firewire
(IEEE1394) in the BIOS.

If that doesn't help you may need to provide some more information like
log output from the card initialization and the output of ifconfig -a .

Cheers, Jonas


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