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Re: flash for amd64 [FAILED and SOLVED]

On Thu July 12 2007 06:10:42 pm Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:

> Are there other things that you find iceweasel does better than
> konqueror?  I don't run KDE, but when I installed Etch in testing, the
> mozilla namechange was happening and it was confusing to follow so I
> switched to Konq.

By & large I find konq works well for my day to day web browsing. I'm fond of 
gnome's epiphany, it's a very lightweight browser (almost no configuration at 
all) based on firefox. I get good results with it when browsing multimedia 

> In Sarge, I ran mozilla, on a 486 so that was painful.

I can imagine, I have an mmx 266 here that is now a server.. :)

> I hesitate to try all the browsers since I'm on slow dialup (i.e. 28.8
> K).  For just browsing (not composing), what is the difference between
> iceweasel and iceape?

Iceweasel is firefox and iceape is seamonkey, the full mozilla suite like 
communicator from years gone by.

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