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Re: Broadcom

>            The downgrade failed, It kept saying that it could not
> find the older packages. Then I decided to do a fresh install of
> Etch, erasing the partion with Linux and reinstalling. Then I
> downloaded and installed the 2.6.21 kernel. On reboot it hung again
> at Uniforn CDROM Revision 3.20 after detecting the hard drive and
> the CDROM. I tried running update-initramfs -u -v here is the

I am mystified.

Your theory is that there is some bug in the 2.6.21 kernel which
causes a failure when the CDROM is identified.  And that it works on
my 1501 because different versions of the Dell Inspiron 1501 have
slightly different hardware.  I guess that's possible, but it seems
like a bit of a stretch.  I think it's more likely that there is some
difference between our two installations.  Perhaps a different BIOS
setting or some other configuration difference.

Send an "lspci" and we can check if your hardware differs from mine in
this regard.  However I'd be surprised if this were really the
problem.  At least, unless someone else on the list has had some
similar experience ... ?


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